Professional self-development groups

Professional self development can be individual or group sessions and we can meet either in person or online (at the moment meetings in person are suspended).

In the groups we are working with supervision methodology of which description can be found on this link.

The online groups have 5 participants, the sessions are 90 minutes long and each course has 1+6 sessions. The first session is gratis in order for all participants to consider if they can work in the online group. We decide the dates and times of the sessions during our first meeting together with the group and we are flexible about the dates so that all participants can join all sessions. The fee of the online group is EUR 60.

Each participant has the possibility to bring a personal topic during the course of a group. The participants of the group reflect on these topics by sharing their perceptions and different points of view in order to help each other to gain new perspectives.

These groups provide safe, accepting and supporting environment during all sessions. You will not be judged, get advices or ready solutions but instead you will find support in finding answers to your questions and gaining a better understanding of yourself.

If you would like to make an appointment, join one of the groups or in case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me by phone (+36 30 336 4723) or by e-mail (emesenemeth @ You can also get in touch with me through my  Németh Emese Karolina - Szupervizor Coach Art Therapist Facebook page.