Definition of supervision and coaching

  • Supervision and coaching is a form of counselling serving the assurance and development of the quality of communication and cooperation in professional contexts.
  • Supervisors and coaches work as freelance consultants and they implemented the concept of supervision as a stand-alone profession with standardised trainings, systems of quality assurance based on lively professional and scientific discussion and ethical codes all over Europe.
  • Supervision primarily serves the development of individuals and organisations. It improves the professional lives of individuals regarding their roles in institutional contexts.

Supervision offers:

  • Support in reflection and decision making processes concerning current professional issues
  • Support in challenging and demanding professional situations and conflicts
  • Clarification and processing of tasks, functions and roles
  • Support in and handling of processes of change
  • Innovative solutions for new challenges
  • Prophylactic measures to avoid mobbing and burnout

Coaching offers:

  • Counselling for people holding leading and management positions
  • Impulses concerning the fulfilment of leading roles
  • Development of personal performance
  • Support in processes of change and problematic situations
  • Support in personal career planning